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MasterCold Group is the partner of Facility Services that you need to enjoy total peace of mind.

In the first place by the quality of our service. And it is something that we don’t say : we support more than 25 years of activity,where we have made thousands of actions in all those areas, resulting in total satisfaction for even the most demanding customers.

And secondly because we cover the entire range of services related to the facilities and maintenance. Don’t waste time and energy recruiting and coordinating multiple professionals:  we are a partner that offers a comprehensive service, always appropriate to their needs.

In addition to developing projects in Spain and France, where are our central offices and a delegation, respectively, we have carried out various in Belgium, Senegal, Morocco, Algeria and Cameroon.

The team of Group MasterCold

The great value of Group MasterCold lies in the computer, a template of dynamic professionals, responsible and with a lot of experience to those who are given continuous training sessions that allow them to keep abreast of technological developments.

A close-knit team that participates with enthusiasm in the extra labor activities organized by our company: golfing,the outputs of pinball, soccer games, dinner and snacks of company, etc.

Ludic activities aimed to train the competitive profile and to maintain a very healthy environment, which translates into a greater commitment, if possible, toward his work.