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Lighting installations


Lighting installations

We reduce the consumption of the lighting, while maintaining a degree of optimal lighting.

Our division of lighting and lighting works with local government, reducing the consumption for lighting of the municipalities without diminishing the level of brightness of the streets.

Our studies and integrated plants have two very clear objectives:

  • Reduce the consumption of the existing systems

  • Achieve a degree of optimal lighting

Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, our division of lighting is helping municipalities to achieve these objectives in its municipality.

Here are some work carried out:


Local Police in Parets (Spain) expansion and construction of a new plant with screens, plasterboard, lighting and air conditioning.

Club de Jubilats Sant Jordi de Parets (Spain) Installation of VRV system, new lighting systems and repair of the garden area.

Ciudad deportiva Dani Jarque (Spain) New lighting installation of the Ciudad deportiva Dani Jarque RCD Espanyol of Barcelona.

Polygon Can Prat (Spain) network of public lighting polygon Can Prat in Mollet del Vallès.

Urbanization Can Cervera (Spain) network of public lighting of urbanization can Cervera de Sant Fruitós de Bages.

Urbanization Can Vila (Spain) network of public lighting of urbanization can Vila in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona).

Trinitaris Vic (Spain) illumination from the center of Trinitaris Vic