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Installations of Fiber Optic Facilities


Installations of Fiber Optic Facilities

Realization of installations of telecommunication facilities such as:

  • Laying fiber-optic networks
  • Internal Networks for industry
  • Catchment Systems of TV signals
  • Voice and data networks

Our telecommunications division is a trusted partner to telecommunication companies. In the process of implementation of high-speed Internet – phone and multimedia content – that we are living, we have fiber optic lines. An essential work for citizens and businesses to have access to next-generation services, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

We also carry the optic fiber to homes and businesses, making the interior installation and configuration of computers. Our telecommunications division is also responsible for the implementation of other services, such as installation of data networks in companies and telecommunications (terrestrial TV, satellite TV and telephony). We have the credentials necessary to perform all these services.

Here are some work carried out:


Municipalities of Martorelles and Sant Fost (Spain) layout of network of fiber optic data and interior installation and configuration of computers. This installation has allowed equipping both of internet, phone and multimedia content to the homes and places of work.

Zorrilla Theater (Spain) and Adamo MasterCold running the extension work of fiber optics for the events of international programming through computer networks.

Consistorial of Parets town hall (Spain) installation of new air-conditioning equipment, electrical installations, extraction system and renewal of the air, and telecommunications systems.

Radio Municipal of Parets (Spain) supply and installation of new equipment of climate, and installation of voice and data, and electricity.

Apartment buildings in Manresa and Sant Fruitós (Spain) electrical installations, telecommunications and gas.