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Electrical Installations


Electrical Installations

Realization of electrical installations in:

  • Industries
  • Business Premises
  • Large Facilities
  • Hotel Complexes
  • Homes

Our division of electricity is not limited to perform electrical installations: advises and form to their customers so that in the installation prime the rationality and the criteria for energy efficiency, which translates into a reduction of unnecessary expense that always appreciate our customers. In each of our facilities is performed a preliminary study that helps you avoid charges not calculated in your invoice of energy supplies.

The more advanced software in the field of electrical installations allows us to simulate previously installation and generate a report of annual costs, avoiding surprises. In the implementation of the electrical installations, our division of electricity ensures the safety of the installation and the tranquillity of the users. Our facilities always get the best of the trusts possible: the adoption and customer satisfaction. Our division of electricity has the approval of Installation Company in Low Voltage category Specialist.

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Here are some work carried out:


Laboratorios Grifols (Spain) supply and mounting of tables and probes for cleanroom automation and factory air conditioning.

Orthodontic Centers (Spain) maintenance of all the centers of Catalunya and install climate and electricity for all the centers.

Chiorino (Spain) equipment supply and installation of electrical and climate of the new factory in Ruby.

Banco Popular (Spain) facilities of the entire network of offices of Catalunya.

Consistorial of Parets Edifici (Spain) installation of new air-conditioning equipment, electrical installations, extraction system and renewal of the air, and telecommunications systems.

Radio Municipal of Parets (Spain) supply and installation of new equipment of climate, and installation of voice and data, and electricity.

Credit Mutuel (France) facilities for the offices of Toulouse, Lyon and Marseille.

Apartment buildings in Manresa and Sant Fruitós (Spain) electrical installations, telecommunications and gas.

Pabellón de Lliçà de Munt (Spain) electrical installations, lightning and heating system.

Local Olympic Port Barcelona (Spain) installation and maintenance of the electrical system and air conditioning.