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Foundation MC

The Foundation MasterCold Group was established to develop and implement projects that will enable the most disadvantaged communities with the necessary resources to survive.

We apply all the theoretical and practical knowledge which we have accumulated over our path, to improve the present and the future of these communities.

An important objective in all the projects of the Foundation is to train local people how to perform maintenance on the installation, so that we generate a self-sufficient system that enables them to work without relying on external aid.

Among the updates performed by our foundations we can mention, among others:

Realization of a system of removal of water using solar energy for people in the interior of Morocco.

These communities did not have access to the water as it was too deep, and the energy they needed actuate pumps was not sustainable.

Thanks to solar energy, these populations can now access to safe drinking water in a very hostile environment.

Development of a cooling system in small villages of Burkina Faso.

Through this project we shortcut the problems of a series of small towns that could not keep their medication in cold conditions suitable.

The Foundation installed some systems of autonomous generation of cold, refrigeration equipment that also work with photo-voltaic panels.

Collaboration with the Government of Senegal in the staffing of ACS in the houses.

We work actively with the Government of Senegal, in a project to provide decent housing for its citizens.

Our collaboration is based on developing the projects for the supply of hot water in the houses. Taking into account the scarcity of resources and energy of the country, the facilities are based on solar thermal collectors, so that maintain the system represents a very low power consumption for the user.