We adapt to your schedule, to perform our work without interfering in yours

With the goal of offering a comprehensive service covering all their needs and allow your company to concentrate solely on developing his work effectively, we created our cleaning division.

We offer scheduled cleaning services for offices and industries.

We have support teams to carry out special work on holidays, weekends and evening hours, which allows us to adapt  completely to your schedule and do our work without interfering in yours.

Mantenimiento industrial - Grupo MasterCold - Facility Services

Here are some work carried out:

Polígon industrial Can Prat, Mollet (Spain) Realization of cleaning services in the Polygon Can Prat.

Bet Sport shops, in Tarragona, Gerona and Barcelona (Spain) Realization of cleaning services.

Parking Plaza Llibertat in Sabadell (Spain) carrying out cleaning services.

Parking Escolies in Aragó street of Barcelona (Spain) carrying out cleaning services.