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Certifications and approvals


Certifications and approvals

Group MasterCold has the following certifications and approvals:

Classification as contractor to the State for the conduct of:

  • Buildings
  • Electrical Installations
  • Electronic Facilities
  • Air conditioning facilities
  • Fire Facilities
  • Maintenance of electrical installations
  • Maintenance of plumbing
  • Maintenance of air conditioning facilities
  • General Maintenance of the building
  • Maintenance of fire facilities

Enrolment in the ROESP

Registration in the register of companies in telecommunications:

  • Booklet of Low Voltage Electricity, category Specialist
  • Booklet Air Conditioning installer
  • Booklet Heating installer
  • Booklet of gas installer
  • Booklet installer of Water

MasterCold Integrated Policy

Certificate ISO 14001

Certificate ISO 9001