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Air Conditioning Facilities


Air Conditioning Facilities

Realization of facilities of air conditioning:

  • Business Premises
  • Industries
  • Offices
  • Hotel Complexes

Our division of air conditioning is not an installer more: it gives you a comprehensive service.

We design and calculate the facilities for each of our customers by means of advanced software that allows us to simulate the installation to perform. We develop our facilities of air conditioning looking for maximum profitability, both in the implementation as in the installation.

A minimum investment that will help you to enjoy an efficient air conditioning system that can help you to reduce the fixed costs of supplies.

This is one of the aspects in which our company emphasizes: The installation must be sustainable.

Coolants are used in next-generation systems and auto-regularization, which instantly vary depending on demand. Well, we can assure you that not only lavish nor a kilowatt/hour of energy.

SWe are specialists in variable flow systems and cooling plants, whether they are condensed by air or by water.We work with the majority of the equipment manufacturers of climate, so that the range of possibilities is very broad.

All our facilities guarantee the comfort of the users.

In addition, as a client you will have a direct line to our professionals to solve any doubt that you have on your optimal functioning.

Our air conditioning division account with the corresponding accreditations by industry to be able to perform comprehensive facilities of air conditioning.

Here are some of the work carried out:


Laboratorios Grífols (Spain) supply and mounting of tables and probes for cleanroom automation and factory air conditioning.

Hotel Banke (France) installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment, general services, and construction of new suittes.

Hotel La Fleche D’or (France) electrical maintenance, climate, heating, air conditioning and ACS of new plants.

Orthodontic Centers (Spain) maintenance of all the centers of Catalunya and install climate and electricity for all the centers.

Ayuntamiento de Pont de Vilomara (Spain) Installation and supply of silver air conditioning throughout the center, and integral maintenance of the building.

Tourist Hotels United (Hotusa) (Spain) supply and installation of new equipment of climate for hotels and offices.

Chiorino (Spain) equipment supply and installation of electrical and climate of the new factory in Ruby, and maintenance of air conditioning and electric factory.

Center of Day The Pont de Vilomara (Spain) supply and installation of new air equipment and facilities of the center.

House Natura (Spain) Installation of climate and heating of the center.

Consistorial of Parets Edifici (Spain) installation of new air-conditioning equipment, electrical installations, extraction system and renewal of the air, and telecommunications systems.

Radio Municipal of Parets (Spain) supply and installation of new equipment of climate, and installation of voice and data, and electricity.

Civic Center The Turo in Montcada i Reixac (Spain) new installation of heating, air conditioning and gas.

Ibercaja (Spain) Facilities of air conditioning of offices.

Banc Sabadell (Spain) execution of the works of conditioning of the new offices for the Catalonia area.

BBVA (Spain) execution of the works of conditioning of the new offices for the Catalonia area.

Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Manresa (Spain) Implementation of the new system of cold and heat in the new hospital, and extraction system for the parking.

Hospital Sant Andreu (Spain) Implementation of the new system of cold and heat in the new hospital, and extraction system for the parking.

Applus (Spain) Installation of a new plant of cold and heat, and a new boiler in the center of Applus Bellaterra.

Kops (Spain) installation of new equipment and plant for cold working.

Convention Centet (Nigeria) Facilities of climate, electricity, plumbing, telecommunications and sanitation.

Cartier Store Russia (Moscow) project and supply of air conditioning systems in a new local.

Justice Center (Cameroon) Project and counselling facilities for the Center for Justice.

Hotel Eurostars Belgium (Brussels) heating and installation of new air conditioning system.

Devesa, ball room of Girona (Spain) installation of the air conditioning system and electricity.